CI Workshop Description

Risk & Opportunity Assessment Refresher

Humans naturally assess situations to determine the best way forward; for example, if there is a fire, you may decide to move toward or away from it depending on your situation. If you are indoors and hot, you most likely will assess the fire as a risk to your safety and health; if you are outside and cold, you probably will see it as an opportunity to stay alive. In the business world of things, assessment of risk & opportunity for situations also comes naturally; however, the difference is that it is now a team activity requiring collaboration and communication for best results in the least amount of time. In this refresher course, we will review successful tools to assess risk & opportunity at all levels within your organization for optimal business planning and improvement. It will provide a systematic process review of risk & opportunity assessment at all levels within your organization. Topics and practical exercises will  review: Crisis Management and Business Continuity, ISO 9001:2015 Risk & Opportunity Assessment, and BowTie Risk Assessment.


Report Writing and Recordkeeping Refresher

Some of the critical processes of a well functioning management system include documentation and ensuring compliance. How effective this is, relies heavily on whether or not individuals within the organization can write reports and manage records for easy retrieval. An organized and systematic approach is vital for both. It is also essential that reports and records are sourced, controlled, and legal risks managed with appropriate safeguards. This refresher course will provide a systematic process approach to report writing and recordkeeping at all levels within your organization. Topics and practical exercises will include: Writing Clear, Simple, Direct and Credible Reports that Get Attention; Report Writing Tips & Techniques; Safeguarding Information; Document & Record Control; and Challenges of Record Management.


Incident Management Refresher

Nobody likes terrible things to happen, but they do. How we manage these unintended outcomes will determine whether or not there is a high or low probability that these incidents will happen again. The root cause or causes are very important to identify for effective corrective action, most likely at the systemic level. This refresher course will provide a systematic process review of incident management stages: Notifying/Reporting, Investigating, Analyzing, Corrective Action, and Measuring Effectiveness.


Internal Auditing Refresher

In today's rapidly changing work environment, it is critical to stay current with auditing practices throughout the audit cycle. Effective audits are invaluable to prevent incidents from occurring. Fine-tuning your skills to plan, ask the right questions, and write a meaningful report will yield the best results. This refresher course will provide a systematic review of current industry concerns as they apply to the internal audit process.